Turkey's Ultimate 9-Month Pistachio Export

The tasty pistachios from Turkey are still in high demand. In the first nine months of the year, Turkey exported pistachios worth 145 million 958 thousand dollars to 100 different nations. In 2021, shipments were made to 110 different countries, according to information gathered using data from the Southeastern Anatolian Exporters' Associations. Turkish pistachio exports, which were valued at 209 million 686 thousand dollars, are quite significant for the nation.

Between January and September of last year, 129 million 816 thousand dollars were obtained for 12 thousand 319 tons of products. In the same period this year, exports to 100 countries increased by 12 percent on a value basis. On the other hand, an income of 145 million 958 thousand dollars was achieved.

In the third quarter of the year, Turkey exported 15 thousand 941 tons of Turkish pistachios to 100 countries. Among these countries, Iraq, Georgia, the Netherlands, and Algeria lead the list. In addition, Malaysia, Japan, Morocco and France, Oman, Dubai, Belgium, Spain, Austria, and Russia are among the countries it exports to. 

Italy took first place in this list in Turkey's pistachio exports. Turkey sent pistachios worth 31 million 400 thousand dollars to Italy. Germany followed Italy with 22 million 213 thousand dollars and Kyrgyzstan with 13 million 353 thousand dollars.

Turkey's Pistachio Production Network

In practically every aspect of Turkish cuisine, from desserts to main courses, pistachio remains one of the unchanging flavors. It is popular both in Turkey and abroad. Pistachio is produced in 22 Turkish cities, notably in Şanlıurfa and Gaziantep, and is highly in demand by local farmers because of the excellent economic return it offers to the grower.

Şanlıurfa produces 42 percent of Turkey's pistachios on its own. In addition, pistachio production areas in the city are increasing day by day. Moreover, the production density in Gaziantep is quite high and new production areas are added yearly.

With each passing year, the expectation of production yield is increasing. Local studies on pistachio production are also continuing. Studies are carried out to ensure that the soil yields more productive products and that the products are healthy. In this way, the tendency towards Turkey pistachios from abroad is quite high. Exports of both oily and high-quality Turkish pistachio also increase in this case.

High Year-End Export Expectations

Şanlıurfa Commodity Exchange Chairman Mehmet Kaya made statements regarding Turkey's pistachio exports in the January-September period of this year. He stated that the increase in pistachio exports by 12 percent year over year. Kaya added that it was pleasing for the country's economy.

He underlined that the situation in the world today showed that a strong economy could only be built with the revival of agriculture. And added:

"In this context, we must develop methods that benefit both our farmers and traders, and protect our strategic products with appropriate agricultural policies."

When all these measures and developments are achieved, it is obvious that the production and export figures will increase even more. He underlined that it was not surprising to expect more yields from these lands where peanuts were famous.

Stating that Şanlıurfa is the city with the most pistachio trees, Kaya also announced that it was registered with the geographical indication under the name of 'Urfa keten köyneği fıstığı'. Şanlıurfa is also in first place in terms of yield. He added that despite the changing climatic conditions and global crises, Turkey's success in export figures is pleasing to the producers and the government. 

Based on Kaya's words, it is certain that with the new crops obtained in this period, the production and export figures will gradually increase until the end of the year. Mehmet Kaya concluded his words on exports as follows:

"Our country will have more say in the world market in terms of pistachio."

Licensed Warehouse Works Continue

Studies on pistachio production and conservation in Turkey continue. In this way, the importance given to both the labor of the producer and the export figures is increasing. Kaya explained that within Borsa İstanbul, they are working on improving the production and trade of pistachio. He stated that the first of these was the establishment of a pistachio-licensed warehouse.

Noting that they continue to work in this direction, Kaya continued as follows:

 "With our pistachio-licensed warehouse going into operation, our farmers and traders will show more interest in this field. Moreover, Turkey will achieve greater success in exports."

Turkey has a rich infrastructure in terms of production and a wide export network. As a result, Turkey continues its activities in terms of Turkish pistachio production. Turkey continues to work to realize its ambitions in providing pistachio both in the local market and in the foreign market.