Turkish Apricot Kernel Exports Surge to $17M

Apricot cultivation in Turkey is quite common in terms of seasonal yield. For this reason, both domestic and foreign apricot kernel sales are high.

Despite the negative effects of Covid-19 that shook the world, there have been many innovations and developments in exports. Ramazan Özcan, Chairman of Malatya Commodity Exchange, shared the data about apricot kernels. According to the data, Turkey had an important place in the export of apricot kernels in 2021.

According to Malatya Commodity Exchange data, apricot kernel exports of 17 million 321 thousand dollars were realized in 2021. Turkey sent apricot kernels to many countries, especially Italy.

Özcan stated that "When we compare 2021 with the previous year, we have increased both the amount and our income significantly. By exporting 5 thousand 419 tons of apricot kernels in 2021, we provided revenue of 17 million 321 thousand dollars to the country's economy."

He continued to his word that "In 2020, 9 million 784 thousand dollars of input was provided from 3 thousand 741 tons of foreign sales. There is a very significant increase in exports."

How Rich Is Turkey in Apricot Kernels?

Apricot trees generally grow more efficiently in semi-hot and arid regions as well as in sun-drenched areas. Apricots grown on mountain slopes are both delicious and disease-free. The kernels of apricots that are grown organically tend to be sweet and large. Turkey's fertile soil and weather are perfect for apricot kernels, as it has high quality and organic growth rate.

Turkey is very rich in agriculture due to its geographical features. Since it is active in the production of fresh fruits and vegetables, it is also dominant in the production and export of apricot kernels.

Provinces with the Most Apricot Production Regions

In Turkey, apricot trees are grown in Malatya, Elazığ, Mersin, Iğdır, Antalya, respectively. Additionally, apricot cultivation is very common in the Aegean Region, the Mediterranean Region, the Central Anatolia Region and the Marmara Region. In these regions, the most active place in terms of seed production is the Central Anatolia Region.

As production increases, exports increase. Touching on this issue, Özcan said that Turkey will be the most talked-about country in the coming years due to its apricot kernel exports.

Apricot Kernel Export Target for 2022 Is Impressive

In 2020, 9 million 784 thousand dollars were obtained from the export of 3 thousand 741 tons of apricot kernels. In 2021, production increased by 1,678 tons compared to the previous year, and an income of 7 million 537 thousand dollars was obtained. Speaking within the light of these data, President Özcan said that 10 thousand tons of apricot kernel exports are expected in 2022.

Özcan also stated: "We continue to protect our existing markets on the one hand and seek new markets on the other. We plan to end this year with much better figures."

The price of almonds, which is mostly preferred in the USA and many developed countries, is continually increasing. Therefore, over the years, countries are turning to apricot kernels instead of almonds. Özcan emphasized the importance of apricots. "Apricot is a strategic product for the country. Apricot, registered with the European Union (EU) geographical indication, is the most valuable product of the dried fruit group in the world. We want to turn this advantage of the apricot into an opportunity in the apricot kernel. We export the kernel."

Considering that the best apricot kernel production in Turkey is in Malatya, it is obvious that this export record will bring new ones in the future.

It is also necessary to increase the value given to the producer in order to evaluate the opportunities. Discounts are also expected on the materials used during production and the products required for their protection afterward. The increase in exports is related to the increase in production as well as its quality. Increasing income is not only equal to increasing exports but also is related to improving the quality of production.

A Trustworthy Partner that Provides Premium Quality: Turkish Goods

Based on the data of the Malatya Chamber of Commerce, the production conditions and product quality also increase the export quality. Acknowledging the value of production, Turkish Goods continues to stand by the manufacturers. While building a bridge between the buyer and the manufacturer, it develops its systems day by day, considering the benefits of both parties. The most important point of apricot kernel storage is to keep it away from moisture. During transportation, apricot kernels are stored in protected warehouses and reach the buyers safely.

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