Turkish Tangerine Exports Skyrocket to Half A Billion Dollars

Turkey’s citrus export data for 2021 was published by Mediterranean Exporter Associations. It seems that the Covid-19 epidemic raised awareness in terms of the importance of citrus consumption in strengthening the immune system. This is reflected in the production and the export of citrus. 

According to the published data, citrus exports that include fruits such as orange, lemon and tangerine amounted to 1 billion dollars. On the other hand, with its potent aroma, tangerine fulfilled almost half of the exports. It increased 4% compared to the year before and reached 454 million dollars in value. 

Sustainable Production 

Turkey’s production facilities play an important role in the success of exports. Integrated facilities that cover the entire process from the processing of tangerines allow for sustainable production in Turkey. With its state-of-the-art facilities, the products go through drainage, washing, drying, waxing, processing and packaging stages which raises the added value of exports.

Chairman of Avrupa Yatırım Holding, Ramazan Burak Telli spoke about the exports of Turkey. He mentioned the increasing demand for tangerine in the world. “Turkey, which is the second country that exports the most citrus on an amount basis, is among the top ten tangerine producers in the world. Especially satsuma, which is only grown in the Aegean Region, is high in demand due to its potent aroma and long shelf life. Aside from tangerine’s production, its packaging and storage stages also shape the exports.” Telli added that the completion of all these states in perfect conditions had an effect on the increasing prices in exports.

Importance of Packaging in Health and Safety

In addition to the quality of the products that are being produced, there is another step that is just as much important. According to Telli, that stage is the packaging stage. When it comes to food products, packaging becomes extremely important in terms of preserving the product in ideal conditions. It is also quite fundamental in creating sanitary conditions for food products. This makes packaging directly related to health and safety. 

Telli spoke about the importance of packaging as well. He said, “The fact that fruits produced in sanitary and ideal conditions are packaged and preserved in cold storage increases the success of exports.” Since the products are preserved in ideal conditions, they arrive in perfect condition at the end of the export process. This creates a safe environment for food products to be consumed. In return, this positively affects the exports of Turkey.

70% of the Produced Satsuma Will Be Exported

Ramazan Burak Telli also touched upon the production of Satsuma. Noting the production processes continuing in the state-of-art facilities, he mentioned their plans for exporting Satsuma to the world. Emphasizing that the facilities are capable of producing 100 tons of tangerines, Telli stated that they were planning on exporting 70% of the total production. 

He also added that they were planning on improving the facility further. With additional investments that amount to 10 million TL, the capacity of the facilities will be increased. In addition, the facilities will continue to advance in technology.

The New Facility Will Also Create New Job Opportunities

Ramazan Burak Telli also spoke about their initiatives to provide financial support to the farmers. He also added that they were increasing their production capacities. He said, “We are targeting to reach 8 thousand exports. We have started harvesting tangerines in June, even before the harvest period in September.”

He also spoke about the job opportunities the new and constantly improving facility will create. “We will employ 500 people in total and continue to support agriculture.” Therefore, tangerine production and exports of Turkey seem to not only be beneficial for global trade, but it is also quite crucial within the country. By increasing the production of tangerine, not only the exports but also the employment rates in Turkey will increase significantly. 

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