Türkiye’s Exports Break Monthly Record in March with $23.6 Billion

According to the announcement by the Turkish Minister of Trade, Mehmet Muş, Türkiye’s export performance reached an all-time high in March 2023. The country's export figures rose by 4.4% to $23.6 billion, setting a new record for monthly exports. This remarkable increase has been attributed to the steady recovery of the global economy, which positively affected Turkish exports.

Minister Muş underlined that the upward trend in Turkish exports is expected to continue in the upcoming months as the production and export sectors gradually overcome the effects of recent earthquakes. In addition to the export figures, March import numbers also showed a slight increase of 4.2% to $32.2 billion, while the total energy import reached $6 billion.

Despite the global economic uncertainties, Türkiye’s export volume for the first quarter of 2023 rose by 2.5% to $61.6 billion.

Türkiye has a diversified economy, and its manufacturing, textiles, and automotive industries have been major contributors to the country's export success. The Ministry of Trade has been implementing policies to support these industries, such as export credits, incentives for technology investment, and customized export strategies.

With this new all-time high export record, Türkiye has demonstrated its capability to compete in the global market, and its export sector's resilience to global economic challenges.