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Cocoa, which gives chocolate its unique taste, is a dicotyledonous plant, usually produced in tropical countries. The quality of cocoa differs according to the tree it is extracted from and the processes it undergoes. The minimum temperature for cocoa production should be in the range of 12 – 15 degrees. Since it is an extremely fragile species, it is difficult to grow in regions with high temperatures. Areas, where the temperature is around 35 degrees, are most suitable for cocoa. The cocoa fruit resembles an almond and has an oval shape that tapers slightly towards the end. The cacao flower has white or whitish-yellow petals. Cocoa powder, which is used in cakes, cookies, chocolates, and beverages, is obtained by going through many processes of cocoa beans.

Venezuelan cocoa is one of the world’s most excellent cocoas. According to many experts, European and Asian chocolatiers must use at least 5% Venezuelan cocoa for their chocolate to be considered premium. Criollo bean is known to have the best flavor and aroma. Forastero has a strong, bitter, and astringent taste. Trinitario is a cross between Forastero and Criollo beans.

Benefits of Venezuelan Cocoa

  • Reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer, and diabetes.
  • Oxygenates the brain and prevents memory problems that may occur at later ages with the flavanol it contains
  • Helps digestion
  • Boosts immunity
  • Increases the happiness hormone; reduces the risk of depression

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