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Turkey’s annual sugar intake per capita is estimated to be 30 kilograms. Industry consumes more than 80% of total sugar consumption, while households consume only 20%. Since 2003, Turkey has achieved production stability. Turkey ranked fifth in the world with 21 million metric tons of sugar beet production in 2017/18. Imports of sugar totaled 150 million tons in 2019. Sugar, on the other hand, was shipped in the amount of 30.22 thousand tons. As Turkish Goods, we are pleased to offer you the best quality sugar at convenient pricing. 

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Sugar is one of the essentials of the kitchen. It can be found in most foods, from peanut butter to cakes and cookies. It can make up a large proportion of your daily calorie intake.  Since most people rely on quick foods and snacks, sugar is one of the most traded products in the world. According to OEC data, sugar was the world’s 170th most traded product, with a total of $21 billion. The global sugar trade is estimated to be over 64 million tonnes per year. Raw sugar accounts for roughly 60% of all the international sugar trade. Sugar’s increased demand and production in history were mostly owing to a significant shift in the eating patterns of many Europeans. Jams, candy, chocolate, and other sweet products were consumed far more widely. Today, Turkey is one of the leading countries in the sugar trade.

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Min. Purc. Amt.

10 Ton

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