Dried Beans

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Dried bean production is carried out in 73 provinces in Turkey, according to TUIK 2020 data. In the history of the Republic of Turkey, the production of 280 thousand tons in 2020 was a record production. While Turkey ranks 38th in the global dried bean cultivation area, it ranks 21st in production and 11th in yield. In the market period of 2020-2021, exports were 12,182 tons and 63% of the exports were made to Iraq, Germany, and Belgium.


Dried Beans Production in Turkey

Dried beans, one of Turkey’s main dishes, are grown in almost every region thanks to the favorable conditions of the country. It has varieties called rooster, kidney bean, bead, sugar, cored, cowpea, and Dombay bean in dried form. These diversification names are often formed by shape and region. Although it is not a cold-resistant plant, it withstands very harsh climates, but its efficiency decreases in cold weather.

Dried beans, a product that became widespread after the discovery of America, is a type of legume known in almost every country. While it is consumed as a fresh vegetable with its outer skins, drying the seeds in its inner body has revealed the concept of dried beans. It is portrayed as the most recognizable legume in the world. Dried beans, which are the main ingredient of many Middle Eastern dishes, are also very rich in protein.

Dried Beans Export in Turkey

Considering the value of dried beans in production, yield, and export triad, it is not surprising that producers tend to export dried beans. The production and variety of dried beans made in almost every region of Turkey cause an export breakthrough. How do you make the best exports? Who can you trust or what path do you need to follow?

As Turkish Goods, we act by knowing the value of the buyer and the labor of production. We deliver your products meticulously to the place they need to reach, with the latest technology and reliable transportation approach.

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Konya, Niğde

Min. Purc. Amt.

10 Ton

Product Type

Dried Bean

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All Countries

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