Best Cosmetic Products to Import from Turkey

Do you know that the most researched product groups in the world belong to the cosmetics industry? When the cosmetics industry is mentioned, colorful products and glittery packaging come to mind. The Egyptians have been the first to discover the concept of the cosmetics industry. People have started to produce products to look different and more attractive on special days and festivals.

With the ever-advancing technology, both the product and its packaging have begun to be produced in more vibrant colors. Although cosmetics is a field that is used to look more beautiful today, it also includes health. The cosmetic sector has expanded with various products produced for self-care. So what is Turkey's share in the cosmetics industry? Nowadays, when the concept of natural products gains importance, many countries import cosmetic products from Turkey.

Turkey's success in natural products has also brought innovations in the cosmetics industry. Especially after 2010, the tendency towards herbal ingredients in cosmetics has increased. Increasing its production diversity in this field, Turkey has come a long way in the export of cosmetic products.

What are the Most Popular Cosmetics Categories?

Although cosmetics have first been thought of only as the definition of change, it is now expressed as the beautification of health. As this is the main idea of the cosmetics industry, categorizations have also increased. What are the most researched and increasingly diverse cosmetics categories in the world? What are the most imported cosmetic products from Turkey within the framework of these categories? You can find answers to all your questions in this article.

1. Haircare

Haircare can be defined as an action that fulfills one's self-confidence. There have been days when you felt better when you had beautiful hair. It is also important that your scalp is healthy while your hair looks beautiful. For this reason, products that do not contain harmful chemical elements are preferred for hair. You've probably heard the shampoo definitions such as anti-dandruff, moisturizing, or effective against hair loss. Natural haircare products that provide all these benefits and more are among the most preferred cosmetic products. 


Shampoos produced from plant extracts such as chamomile, yarrow, and mint are preferred because they are herbal. In addition, the presence of different regionally known herbs in shampoos in Turkey is an important factor in the import of this product group.

Hair conditioner

Another important group among hair care products is conditioners. The fact that each hair has a different structure means that their needs are also different. For this reason, one of the most sought-after and demanded hair care product groups is hair conditioners.

Hair Mousse and Oils

Hair mousse and hair care oils, which have become increasingly common in recent years, are on the list of best-selling products. Almond and olive oil are very beneficial products for hair. Since the production of these products is high in Turkey, they are among the most imported products from Turkey.


2. Skincare

Conditions such as air pollution, stress, and aging have increased the attention given to skincare. In addition to these situations, products with more functionality such as depilatories and products that prevent the smell of sweat are also included in this cosmetic group. In skincare products, especially the production and import of additive-free products have increased. Thanks to its natural product portfolio, Turkey has experienced an increase in skincare product demands.


Sunscreens play an important role in body care, especially in summer. However, the oxybenzone component, which is usually used in sunscreen, causes allergic reactions. For this reason, anti-allergic sunscreens are produced in many countries. Turkey is among the countries that produce anti-allergic sunscreens that even children can safely use. Many countries that prioritize skincare also import sunscreen from Turkey.

Deodorant and Aftershave

Do you know that the largest export share in the cosmetics sector in 2021 belongs to the deodorants and aftershave group? In addition to the increasing importance given to cleanliness, the search for new fragrances has also come to the fore. An increasing number of cosmetic companies in Turkey have started to try new fragrances and new formulas. In this way, aftershave lotion and deodorant supply-demand from Turkey increased.


Although soap was first included in the cleaning products category, it later became involved in the cosmetics industry. Especially rose, laurel, and olive oil soaps are highly preferred in skincare. These products are produced in Turkey as registered products. Producers who advocate naturalness in soap production have developed natural formulas that renew the skin texture. Tourists who visited Turkey showed interest in natural soaps and took them to their countries. In this way, import demands increased as Turkey's natural soaps became known around the world.

3. Color/Make-up Cosmetic Products

Color cosmetics or make-up products are the most widely used cosmetic products. Products diversified with special pigments are especially preferred by women and make-up artists. In 2021, make-up products have a share of 24% of cosmetics exports in Turkey. New brands of makeup products appear every year. In this way, Turkey’s color cosmetics portfolio is also expanding continuously. Especially vegan eye and lip make-up products in its diverse portfolio are among the most imported products from Turkey.

4. Perfume

Fragrances can be characterized as an area that eliminates the gender factor. Because although the cosmetics industry is perceived as a feminine field, perfume is a product that men and women spend on at the same rate. The perfume industry, which has the most diverse market in the world, should not be ignored. Perfumes containing essential oils, essences, and many components are important both for personal use and as a home fragrance. With its history based on old Turkish fragrance laboratories, Turkey is also an important place in perfume manufacturing. Companies import perfumes from Turkey, especially for customers who prefer exotic notes.

5. Baby Cosmetic Products

The baby cosmetics category is a more specific area. Anti-allergic products suitable for babies' sensitive skin are always important. Although many R&D studies have been carried out on this subject, fragrance has also come into play. Baby cosmetics include shampoo, shower gel, and lotions. It is aimed to protect the health of babies with natural flower and plant extracts. We can say that Turkey has great importance in the import of these products.

As a result, Turkey is an important base in the production and supply of products in the cosmetics industry. In this list, we have compiled the best products that you need to import from Turkey. You can benefit from the Turkish Goods experience in the import processes of these products.

When choosing cosmetic products as a way of beautification of health, you can browse the Turkish Goods’ website in order not to deal with problematic transportation processes.