Best Spring Fruits to Import from Turkey

With the arrival of the spring season, the weather gradually warms up. Colorful fruits begin to take their place in the fruit and vegetable sections of the markets. People want to consume especially juicy and refreshing fruits in the spring months. As one of the countries in the mid-rail, Turkey is a country rich in fruit diversity. Turkey exports fruit to many parts of the world, especially to Russia and Eastern European countries. So, what are the spring fruits you can import from Turkey?

What are the Characteristics of Fruits Consumed in the Spring?

The fact that humans consume food according to the seasons is a result of evolutionary adaptation to the environment. Just as we consume more energizing and fatty foods in winter, we tend to invigorate juicy fruits in spring. In this way, we keep our bodies in balance. In the spring season, we tend to eat fruits rich in antioxidants, low in sugar, and in green tones. So, what do you know about the spring fruits you can import from Turkey?

An Overview of Fruit Imports from Turkey

Turkey exported more than 1 billion dollars of fruit in total in 2021. Since it is a country suitable for growing fruit in 4 seasons of the year, export and import circulation in Turkey is carried out without any problems. Since fruit production exceeds the domestic demand, those who want to import fruit from Turkey do not encounter any quota restrictions. Especially in the last two years, despite the Covid-19, Turkey has managed to increase its export rate. For the year 2022, Turkey continues to support farmers and comply with international standards.

Which Fruits Can You Import from Turkey in Spring?

Although green-colored fruits predominate in the spring, fruits such as strawberries, green almonds, Japanese plums, and apples are also grown in the spring. Since the period from ripening to harvest is relatively long, you can consume these fruits throughout all spring months. Only the durability period of strawberries may be a little shorter than other fruits. You should consider these situations before importing.

Green Plum

Green plums are commonly grown in Turkey's western and southern areas. Turkey is the seventh-largest producer of plums in the world, with a total of 220.000 tons. You can import the green plum, whose production has increased in recent years and whose cultivation area has expanded, from Turkey. While European countries come to the fore in plum imports, Saudi Arabia also imports plums from Turkey.


Although avocado is a tropical fruit, it grows in the southern parts of Turkey. Avocado will surpass bananas and mangoes as the most traded tropical fruit in the 2021-2030 timeframe, according to the OECD and FAO's Agricultural Outlook report. Avocado production in Turkey has increased significantly, especially in the last 10 years. In fact, Avocado production in Turkey in 2021 increased by 53% compared to the previous year. Most of the avocado production is done in Antalya, but Mersin and Adana provinces are increasing their production day by day.


Apple originating from West Asia is a fruit grown in Turkey. Spreading from western Asia to Europe, the apple has species that are resistant to temperatures down to -30 degrees Celcius. The main reason why apples are preferred so much is that they can be stored for a long time and consumed throughout the year. It also has a wide usage area such as jam, fruit juice, marmalade, vinegar, and dried fruit. 

Green, red, and gala apples are the most planted species in Turkey. Turkey's annual apple production is more than 4.3 million tons and most of the production is done in Isparta. The countries that import the most apples from Turkey are Indonesia, Russia, and Iraq. Turkey will continue to be one of the world's leading countries in both apple production and apple export.


Strawberry has grown in the world and our country, especially in recent years. The most important factor in increasing the importance of strawberries is their economic growth in different climates and soil conditions. In addition, strawberries ripen in a short time in a market period when fresh fruit is scarce, and they meet the need. Moreover, it provides a continuous circulation. 

Since greenhouse and open-grown strawberry varieties are different, you can import the varieties that suit your needs. Strawberry production in Turkey is mostly done in the Mediterranean, Aegean, and Marmara regions. On a provincial basis, the highest production is made in Muğla. Turkey doubled its export amount in 2021 compared to the previous year. The most exported countries were Russia, Romania, and Iraq.

Green Almond

The homeland of the green almond, which is from the Rosaceae family, is southwest Asia. It was first grown in Turkey and the Middle East countries and then spread to Europe and America from here. The green almond tree is similar to the peach tree, but it is taller and long-lived. You can choose the green almond with sweet and bitter fruits according to your needs. The usage area of the green almond is quite common:

  • Consumed as nuts when dried.
  • Consumable in raw form.
  • Can be used as almond oil and flour.
  • Used in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.

It can grow even on stony and gravelly soils. It is a perennial and can grow anywhere except in extremely cold and humid areas. Since the market value of its fruit is quite high, you can give priority to your imports. Green almond grows on the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts in Turkey. Especially Datça peninsula stands out in production. Turkey is one of the world's leading almond producers and one of the top 10 countries.

Japanese Plum

The Japanese plum, which has been grown in Japan for more than a thousand years, came to Turkey via Algeria and the Mediterranean. Japanese plum, which is mostly grown in the Mediterranean region, is grown in small amounts in the Aegean and the eastern Black Sea regions. The Japanese plum, which is consumed as fresh and marmalade, is a very popular fruit in the Mediterranean countries.

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