How Does Turkish Goods Choose the Best Suppliers?

Since its establishment, Turkish Goods has a supply network chain that has been serving its customers in 13 different languages. Providing transportation services all over the world, Turkish Goods strives to use the opportunities offered by technology most efficiently. It brings together producers and consumers on a common platform and makes price presentations within 48 hours for both parties. Turkish Goods, which is in contact with its customers in all transportation processes, fulfills all the requirements of logistics. We provide all these processes with a willing and dynamic team. So, how does Turkish Goods choose its suppliers?

Before we move on to how Turkish Goods chooses its suppliers, we need to clarify some issues. We can look at the importance of suppliers, logistics management, and types of distribution.

Why Are Suppliers Important?

The financial strength of each producer is not sufficient to distribute the products. When a manufacturer distributes, they will have to sell other goods that are complementary to that good. If producers do not have complementary products, they will have to procure them from other companies. Intermediary institutions have experience in this field, carry out this business professionally and know the market well. 

Since they know the market well, they can guide you by anticipating situations that may be risky for you. Finally, when manufacturers eliminate suppliers, they may have to establish more commercial relations. More business relationships mean longer business, a waste of time, and spending more money. You can work with a reliable supplier to avoid these problems.

What are the Types of Deployments?

Distributions can be diversified according to the number of products, the distribution method, and the number of enterprises worked. Customers can choose the method that best suits them. Moreover, they consult with suppliers according to the type of product and get the necessary information. Deployment types can be examined in three main groups:

  • Common Distribution: To sell goods in large numbers and, if necessary, at different distribution points according to customers' purchasing habits.
  • Selective Distribution: A policy to use a limited number of wholesalers and retailers or retailers only in each region.
  • Limited Distribution: Customers work with a small number of brokerages to monitor product distribution. Suppliers improve the reputation of the product, better provide goods-related services, and reduce distribution costs more closely.

Turkish Goods chooses the suppliers who will deliver the products to you in the fastest and highest quality way. You can increase the prestige of your products via Turkish Goods’ expertise. In this way, you will get a more stress-free and safe transportation service by communicating less.

How to Create Logistics Management?

Logistics management is to meet customer needs for the forward and reverse flow of goods, and services within effective planning. It is to start the supply chain process where implementation and control are provided after the planning phase. Moreover, all processes develop within a system, disruption in some of them can negatively affect the entire process. To prevent this, you can choose companies without language barriers, experts in legal issues, and has a wide supply network.

The Importance of Technology in Logistics

In recent years, the importance of intra-company logistics software has increased in order to make shipments fast and reliable. With the software used, companies can follow the status of the products and they can prevent disruptions immediately. Logistic firms can use virtual glasses and autonomous systems to follow the dangers that may develop on roads during transportation. Thus, customer satisfaction is kept at the highest level and mutual trust is strengthened.

What Does Turkish Goods Offer You?

Turkish Goods never compromises on balance and consistency in order to successfully continue the activities of its supply chain. Each party involved in the process can remotely monitor and follow the developments at all stages. Moreover, all parties can manage the process together by communicating through end-to-end solutions.


Thanks to its integrated supplier network, it offers its customers a wide range of products in every possible category. It delivers Turkey's best quality products to its global partners in the safest and fastest way. It acts with the awareness that supply is becoming increasingly important today and that it is not just transporting goods. While offering the best price to its customers, it observes the market conditions and the expectations of the customers. We do not charge our customers extra for this.

We Choose Partners Who Share Our Vision & Mission

As with any company, we have partners who work within our vision and mission. Turkish Goods, which aims to continuously grow without deviating from ethical values, chooses its partners accordingly. So, what are our visions and missions?

Our visions:

  • Providing procurement services for our global partners in a sustainable way. Thus, we save our business partners from extra costs. In addition to diminishing extra costs, we contribute to the future of the world and take responsibility.
  • To be the ultimate supplier that brings high-quality consumables to its customers. This will be the first step of long-term cooperation, not only for us but also for our customers.

Our missions:

  • Providing customers with the best possible procurement service in all circumstances. In this way, our customers will enjoy safe trading.
  • Combining the changing and transforming aspects of supply with our high technology. One of the important steps of using technology is to digitize and store documents used in logistics processes. The use of enterprise source software among the technological tools used and the necessary integrations between the systems used also become important in terms of security.

If you want to reach the highest quality vegetables, fruits, oil, legumes, food, textile products, and consumables, consult our team. Today, Turkish Goods is taking firm steps toward becoming a pioneer in its sector. It provides logistics services all over the world from Turkey. By providing services to its customers in 13 different languages, it offers an efficient trade opportunity in their mother tongue.