Top 5 Textile Products to Source from Turkey Now

The sector that has never experienced a decrease in the world is undoubtedly textile. The reasons such as the increasing population and the innovations in fashion with each passing time open new horizons in textile. Textile means knitting or weaving. It creates textiles for knitted or woven products made from the combination of all kinds of yarn and dyestuff. With the effect of environmental conditions, developments in this field have been crowned with technology. Especially in the 20th century, the fashion changes also affected production in Turkey.

In line with the high-quality yarn production in Turkey, the export of products such as state-of-the-art clothing, carpets, rugs, and fabrics has also developed. There are many countries that want to import especially handmade or new style products. We can examine the best textile product groups that can be imported from Turkey under five headings.

1. Silk

Silk should be made with care as well as laborious production. Suitable conditions for this type of fabric produced from the cocoon of the silkworm exist in Turkey. Turkey's geopolitical position and geographical competencies make this production possible. Especially in Diyarbakır, silk production, which progresses thanks to women entrepreneurs, integrates with quality. Silk, which continues to be produced in many cities, especially in Diyarbakır, maintains its place among the most valuable fabrics in textile. As a valuable fabric, you should not hesitate to import silk from Turkey.

2. Men’s Clothing

The men's clothing industry generally has a more comfortable and casual approach. However, diversity has increased in the world, especially due to an increasingly globalized perception. Especially in men's clothing, there are decisive elements such as work, special occasions or daily life. In the January-June 2021 period, Turkey's men's clothing exports increased by 28% compared to the same period of the previous year. The biggest reason for this increase is the quality of the yarns used in production as well as the diversity of Turkey. It has a very high foreign market share, especially in shirts and suits.

3. Carpet

The carpet, which is now in everyone's home, dates back to ancient times in Turkish culture. Especially being hand-woven and having meaningful motifs have made Turkish carpets more important today. With modern weaving machines, Turkey has started to give importance to functionality as well as quality in workmanship. Dust and trace-free special production carpets have been the favorite of many countries. Carpets, which have an important place in decoration, are among the first products imported from Turkey.

4. Women’s Clothing

It is not surprising that the women's clothing industry is on the top five list. Craftsmanship and functionality are important in women's clothing, which is the pioneer of fashion in both local and modern clothing. Almost every city in Turkey produces women's clothing. Although sequin and leather style clothes are in fashion, cotton fabric products, which are the classics of all times, also attract attention. In the women's clothing sector, dresses and sweaters are the most imported products from Turkey.

5. Children’s Clothing

Children's clothing is an important field considering the fun nature and sensitive skin of children. Especially cotton, bamboo and anti-allergic fabrics are used quite a lot in this sector. Children's and baby clothing in Turkey is preferred because of its wide variety. Tulle skirts or striped trousers, which have recently become fashionable, are among the most imported product groups. Children's underwear, which never loses its value, is also one of the textile product groups that you can import from Turkey.

Why is the Turkish Textile Industry Preferred?

Although Turkey exports in many areas, textile is one of the areas where it has always experienced an increase. First of all, although local productions are high in this sector, factories and new formations have emerged thanks to advancing technology. Today, Turkey continues to be one of the most important textiles and apparel manufacturing countries in the world. According to the results of 2021, Turkey ranks 4th in the world in terms of supply. Exporting to more than 200 countries, Turkey achieved an increase of 33.2% in textiles compared to the previous year.

Why is Turkey, which has a good supply-demand balance and clarifies its position in the market, important? There are three main reasons for this.

Production Diversity

The production of clothes suitable for all conditions and all kinds of situations is increasing. There are special distinctions such as daily, special occasions or winter clothing. Especially the variety of clothes in the field of sports attracts attention in the world market. Turkey is an incredible resource for consumers who expect product performance that is both appropriate and comfortable. Such performance demands can be met by manufacturers thanks to the developments in fiber and polymer science in Turkey and their production styles.


Turkey's fairs are as important as its willingness to learn. Thanks to clothing fairs and education fairs, both manufacturers and foreign buyers benefit. Market flow is mutually supported and developments are increased.

Reliable Companies

Reliability, which is especially important even for small shopping, is the most important thing in the import and export sector. Production alone cannot be enough. Awareness of supply-demand balance in Turkey starts from the producer. Reliability between suppliers and buyers affects import rates from Turkey as much as quality.

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