New Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Export Target is $1.5B

Interfresh Eurasia is a fair whose purpose is to connect Vegetable & Fruit, logistics, and packaging companies, associations, and ministries with foreign buyers and customers. 

This year, 160 international investors and customers from 16 different countries and numerous Turkish exporters will participate in Interfresh Eurasia. It will be held for the third time in Antalya Anfaş between October 20-22 2022.

Aegean Exporters' Associations Deputy Coordinator and Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters' Association President Hayrettin Uçak held a press conference. The General Manager of ANTEXPO, the organizer of the Interfresh Eurasia Fair, has also participated in the conference. Hayrettin Uçak gave important information on the fresh fruit and vegetable industry and the future of the sector, including Turkey’s import numbers during the press conference.

Germany Received the Highest Import

Uçak stated that there had been a growth in the export of fresh fruit and vegetables. He declared that exports increased to 551 million dollars in the first 6 months of 2022. It is an increase of 9 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. "We closed last year with 1 billion 182 million dollars of exports. If our 6-month increase momentum continues, I believe we will increase our exports to 1 billion 300 million dollars at the end of this year, and to one and a half billion dollars at the end of 2023, the 100th year of our Republic," said Uçak. 

The list of countries with the highest exports of fresh produce, including fruits, vegetables, and goods, is quite extensive. Germany takes the top spot, with a demand for fresh fruits and vegetables of 93 million dollars. The USA ranks second with 87 million dollars, and Russia comes in third with 65 million dollars.

Agricultural Entrepreneurship Training Program

The Third Generation Agricultural Entrepreneurship Training Program, which started in March, graduated its first students. It is a comprehensive training program covering the necessary processes for sustainable agriculture. 40 young entrepreneurs in their final year of college or who have just graduated were a part of this project.

The Fruit and Vegetable Products Subcommittee was established with seven members for this project. According to President Hayrettin Uçak, youth and agriculture have a significant impact on Turkey's long-term growth. During the training, several stunning and creative concepts and projects were developed, and some of these projects were evaluated. President also stated that participants who completed this six-week agricultural entrepreneurship program were more conscious of agriculture. He added that they would eventually help to benefit Turkey. 

Hayrettin Uçak claimed that improvements had been made to each link in the chain, from manufacturing to storage to transportation and consumption, for an exceptionally long time. Hayrettin Uçak stated that their objective is to innovate in order to boost their exports while at the same providing solutions to industry-specific challenges. “The bridge built between our youth and our industry will increase sustainability in agriculture and serve as the foundation for the development of solutions,’’ he added. "Combating pesticides, reducing food waste, and controlled agriculture are our focus areas. We develop new initiatives and pay significant attention to this process in order to ensure developments in these areas."

The Agricultural Future of Turkey is Bright

A comprehensive training program that covers the procedures required for long-term sustainable agriculture was offered to young people through the Third Generation Agricultural Entrepreneurship Training Program. The program's subject included a wide range of innovative and extremely essential agricultural topics. Studies to lower carbon footprints were also included in the training, making this program very important for the future of nature.

Hayrettin Uçak claimed that through mastering the EU Green Agreement, global certification procedures, the shift in demand across the globe, and sustainable production-consumption, they were attempting to achieve the new Turkey, which has the essential up-to-date capabilities. As a result of this long-term and extensive training, Turkey will become a leader in agriculture with its innovative thinking. 

The information gathered at the press conference indicates that Turkey's agriculture industry is open to development and that new steps are being taken every day in order to meet current and future needs. Having achieved a success of 1 billion dollars in the export of fresh fruits and vegetables, Turkey is getting closer to achieving its long-term targets.