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Garlic, related to onions, wild onions, lilies, and leeks, grows naturally in wild areas. Garlic is supposed to have been cultivated throughout history and developed from Allium longicuspis, which is thought to have grown in the wild in Southwestern Asia. Taskopru, a district of Kastamonu in Turkey, is the location where garlic growing is most prevalent.


Fresh Garlic From Turkey

If you’ve ever tried old, bitter garlic, you’ll love the vivid flavor and juiciness of fresh garlic. Garlic harvest season is in early June, and you can take more advantage of the fresh garlic around these months. Garlic may be stored in a cold, dark, and airy area for months, but it loses moisture with time, so the fresher it is when you use it, the better it will taste. It is best to look for firm heads with tight, multi-layered skin when shopping for garlic. Fresh garlic from Turkey is going to impress you with its quality and zest.

Benefits of Fresh Garlic

Garlic is a popular ingredient because of its distinct flavor as well as its numerous health advantages. On the other hand, garlic is frequently sautéed, roasted, or baked before being added to recipes. As a result, many individuals are unclear if raw garlic is safe to eat. Garlic is high in allicin, a sulfur-containing substance with several health advantages. When fresh garlic is crushed or minced, allicin is formed, responsible for the characteristic flavor and smell of garlic. Interestingly, some study shows that allicin may help your immune system operate better and may give some protection against illnesses such as heart disease and cancer. However, studies suggest that roasting, boiling, heating, or pickling garlic reduces its allicin level substantially.

Best Prices from Turkey to the World

Turkish Goods is here for you at every step of the seamless import system. Turkey’s fresh and tasteful garlic is offered to you at the best possible price within 48 hours. For more quality Turkish Goods, check out our product range. 


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Min. Purc. Amt.

2000 kg

Product Type

Fresh Garlic

Shipping to

All Countries



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