Best Products to Import from Turkey to Germany

Trade networks between Turkey and Germany are expanding day by day. One of the biggest reasons for this situation is the migration between the two countries that has been going on for years. The diversity of jobs and mutual evaluation of educational opportunities have also increased the exchange between the two countries. Mutual visits between the two countries made it possible to know different tastes. For this reason, it can be said that the busiest trade market is the food sector. But, of course, there are periodic changes in the products and sectors imported by Germany.

The increase in new projects and business lines has accelerated the orientation to raw material products in Turkey. So, which products does Germany import from Turkey this season? What is the effect of the increase and decrease of these products over the years?

What is the Sector Distribution in Turkey's Exports to Germany?

Turkey is one of the world's leading names in production. It produces and exports in many areas, from the smallest device production to main parts, from vegetables to dried fruits. Germany also imports products from Turkey in many fields from electronics to the food industry. Relationships are shaped based on needs and agreements continue accordingly. That's why the bond of moral friendship between Turkey and Germany has been strengthened by export and import relations.

According to the figures, Turkey's exports to Germany in 2021 increased by 22.9 percent on an annual basis. The trade volume between Germany and Turkey also reached a record level of 41.1 billion dollars.

A Detailed Look at the Sectors

Moreover, Germany's success in the automotive industry and its competence in car production are known by everyone. But during this production, both diversity and durability add value to Germany's success in the sector. The main part production in Turkey's automotive industry is also considerable. According to the latest figures, the automotive sector is one of the sectors that Turkey exports the most to Germany. Automotive exports from Turkey to Germany amounted to 314 million 546 thousand dollars in May this year.

The automotive industry was followed by ready-made clothing and apparel with 352 million 868 thousand dollars. The products that Turkey exports to Germany in terms of fashion and knitwear continue to increase. This figure in May also brought Germany to the top in terms of trade relations. Based on the sector, textile is one of the fields in which Turkey is an expert. Clothing takes second place in the ranking of the products imported by Germany from Turkey on a sectoral basis.

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals were in the 3rd place with 216 million 405 thousand dollars, and electricity and electronics were in the 4th place with 140 million 271 thousand dollars. In the list of the highest exports to Germany on a sectoral basis, chemical substances and products are in the last place with 129 million 388 thousand dollars. Of course, when evaluated outside the sector, there is a wide range of exports to Germany from plants to fruits, from ceramics to glass products.

Germany's Choice: The Best Turkish Products

The Turkish market is one of the most popular topics in Germany. Apart from the sector evaluation, Germany's imports are also done on a product basis.  Products are increasingly more well-known thanks to evolving circumstances and systems. The marketing of goods and shopping has also been aided by the rise in German businesspeople establishing corporations in Turkey. The top five most favored products are as follows.


Motors, which are also in the automotive sector, are among the product groups that Germany has imported the most recently. Various motors, suitable for all kinds of electronic systems, are imported by Germany. Germany prefers different types of motors from Turkey for all kinds of electronic products.


The mobility of tourism, of course, allows for the diversity of clothing and fashion. The clothing industry, which Turkey has been leading for many years, is also preferred by Germany. Germany, which attaches particular importance to quality fabric and production, imports women's, men's, and children's clothing. Turkey, which has made a name for itself in the production of anti-allergic products, is also successful in its exports to Germany.

Medical Equipment

In the specific evaluation, Germany shows interest in medical equipment produced in Turkey. Medical equipment, which is in the best product group, also has an important place in Turkey's production basin. Germany imports many products from surgical materials to masks, from tonometers to injections.


Batteries are essential because electronic devices play a significant role in daily living. It is not surprising that Germany purchases from Turkey given the country's excellent achievement in the battery industry. Germany imports a significant amount of batteries from Turkey, including alkaline, zinc-carbon, and watch batteries.

Olives and Olive Oil

Finally, it is fair to say that olives and olive oil are among the best products. Various kinds of olives are among the goods imported to Germany, despite Turkey's robust output in the Aegean and Mediterranean. Turkey has a significant role in Germany's imports, particularly in terms of olive oil.

Glass, ceramics, and earthenware products are also among the products that Germany imports from Turkey. Apart from these, as general information, the dry fruit category is also important for the products that Turkey exports to Germany.

How Can You Find The Best Products From Turkey?

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