Leading Countries in Flour Exports in the World

Flour is one of the indispensable ingredients in the world. The demand for flour is constantly increasing as it is the main ingredient of many staple foods in many different cultures. Flour is mainly used in the making of bread. However, there are many different kinds of flour that are made from different grains, seeds, roots, nuts or beans. 

Even though wheat flour is the one that is widely used around the world, there are also flours for different purposes. Cake and pastry flours have specific uses. All-purpose flour can be used in the making of many different recipes and foods. Bread flour is used in making bread. There is also gluten-free flour for those who are gluten intolerant. 

Due to its importance in the diet of humans and providing sustenance with the least effort, flour is widely produced around the world. In this article, we have listed the countries that are leaders in flour exports in the world. Read on to discover which countries are taking the lead, producing and exporting flour. 


Turkey is the leader in the world when it comes to flour exports. In fact, in 2020, the flour exports in the entire world totaled 4.7 billion dollars. Turkey counted for 20% of the flour exports in the world. This is a significant percentage which makes Turkey by far the largest exporter of flour compared to other countries. Turkey earned 951 million dollars from its flour exports in 2020. 

While Turkey exports flour to many different countries, Iraq seems to be the leading importer. In fact, 47% of Turkey’s exports went to Iraq. Yemen followed Iraq with a 9% share in flour imports from Turkey. Syria followed with 6% and becomes the third importer. Venezuela and Angola also followed with 6% and become important markets for Turkey in terms of flour exports.


Kazakhstan comes second in flour exports in the world, even though its export is significantly less compared to Turkey. The country exported 489 million dollars worth of flour in 2020. Kazakhstan’s export market when it comes to wheat flour is quite different compared to Turkey. The country exported the most flour to Afghanistan, generating 334 million dollars. Uzbekistan followed Afghanistan with 85.4 million dollars. Tajikistan came third in flour imports with 24 million dollars. Finally, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan followed with 20.5 million dollars and 10.7 million dollars respectively.

Compared to its exports, Kazakhstan imports only a small amount of flour from other countries. In 2020, its flour imports totaled 3.89 million dollars. Kazakhstan primarily imported flour from Russia worth 2.63 million dollars. Secondly, the country imported flour from Italy amounting to 123 thousand dollars. Lithuania followed with 48.1 thousand dollars. Finally, Turkey came with 36.6 thousand and South Korea with 33.7 thousand dollars.


Germany is another important country in terms of flour exports. According to the published data, Germany exported 342 million dollars’ worth of wheat flour in 2020. With this export figure, Germany secured its place as the third-largest flour exporter. The Netherlands was the top importer of flour from Germany with 130 million dollars. France came second with 89.6 million dollars. Austria followed France with 24.5 million dollars. Finally, Poland came with 22.6 million dollars and Belgium with 20.9 million dollars.

When it comes to the flour imports of Germany, the list of countries doesn’t seem to change. In 2020, Germany imported wheat flour mainly from Italy which was worth 14.9 million dollars. Poland was the second country with 10.4 million dollars. The Netherlands followed with 8.17 million dollars. Having a small yet notable share in Germany’s imports, Austria followed with 7.29 million dollars and France with 5.03 million dollars. 


Uzbekistan is the fourth country that exports a significant amount of wheat flour in the world. According to the export data, Uzbekistan exported 219 million dollars’ worth of wheat flour in 2020. Wheat flour is an important export product for Uzbekistan. In fact, in 2020, wheat flour was the 6th most exported product in the country. Therefore, it is an important source of income.  

Moreover, Uzbekistan made the most of its flour exports to Afghanistan and generated 217 million dollars in 2020. Kyrgyzstan followed with 676 thousand dollars and Tajikistan with 526 thousand dollars. Finally, Denmark came with 1.25 thousand dollars.

When it comes to the imports of the country, it imported the most flour from Kazakhstan which was worth 85.4 million dollars. Next, Uzbekistan imported flour from Russia worth 2.18 million dollars. France and Lithuania followed with 11.6 thousand dollars and 7.9 thousand dollars respectively. Lastly, Italy came with 6.8 thousand dollars.


Argentina is the last country on our list. In 2020, Argentina became one of the largest flour exporters in the world. The country exported 196 million dollars’ worth of wheat flour. Argentina mainly exported flour to Bolivia and earned 118 million dollars. Brazil followed with 67.6 million dollars. Chile came third with 6.2 million dollars. Gambia and Uruguay, on the other hand, came last with 1.79 million dollars and 1.19 million dollars respectively. 

On a different note, Argentina imported the most from Brazil with 82.8 thousand dollars in 2020. Italy came second with 34.3 thousand dollars. Finally, France was the third country with 7.8 thousand dollars. 

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