Granulated Coffee

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Turkey is one of the countries that has made a name for itself in the coffee industry. There are many companies that are experts in this field. More than 18 companies that are producers and exporters of granulated coffee are increasing their share in the coffee sector day by day. The spread of granulated coffee from Turkey to the rest of the world is expanding every year, thanks to its high-quality products and dependable export policies. By taking into consideration the 1.6 billion cups of coffee drunk worldwide each year, Turkey’s desire to expand its coffee export market is unavoidable. Moving from Turkey to the world with the slogan, Turkish Goods will also be your biggest helper in transporting your granulated coffees.

Granulated Coffee

Coffee is the most consumed product in the world. The consumption of granulated coffee, which gives energy, especially in the morning, is increasing every year. Granulated coffee, also known as instant coffee, was first produced in 1901 by Satori Kato in Chicago. The first journey of granulated coffee started here and it seemed quite different to people at first. As the years progressed, the journey of granulated coffee spread to other countries and the world, as it became a necessity.

Granulated Coffee Production

Although granulated coffee usually consists of a single bean type, it is the production stage that makes each brand different. Brewed coffee beans can be made into granulated coffee using two different processes. The first of these is freeze-drying. The frozen coffee is processed in the vacuum drying chamber, then the coffee beans turn into granules with the given heat. The spray drying method is the other sort of production. Water vapor is created in this procedure by the hot air sprayed from above onto the coffee beans, and the steam created permits the granular coffee to settle at the bottom of the chamber. Regardless of which process it is produced, granulated coffees can be prepared easily, so their consumption is very common, and thus it is of great importance in the export and import sectors.

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Min. Purc. Amt.

10 Ton

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