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The 2018 yield of soybean, which has the highest yield among the oilseed plants produced in Turkey, is 426 kg/da. According to 2018 FAO data, Turkey ranks 34th in world soybean production. However, Turkey is far above the world average in terms of yield per unit area. In world soybean yield, Turkey ranks first with 4,262 tons/ha. Import quality soybean from Turkish Goods for all your dietary purposes.




The homeland of soybean, which is one of the 5-6 important herbal products that feed the world today, is countries such as China, Korea, and Japan. Developed western countries that met soy at the beginning of the 20th century made significant contributions to the establishment of the soybean industry, soybean production, and expansion of its usage area. In addition, soy has also found extensive production in South American countries, particularly Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay, where yield growth based on technological innovation has been accompanied by land expansion.

In general, the soybean plant is compatible with different climatic regions and grows successfully in many parts of the world. However, the best yield is obtained in climates where the temperature is 25°C between May and September. Temperatures below 18°C ​​and above 40°C may adversely affect the growth of soybean. It is also stated that soybean, as a legume plant, adds nitrogen to the soil, increases the yield of the products to be planted after it, and saves fertilizer. Therefore, soybean is considered one of the most suitable plants for crop rotation.

Production and Export in Turkey

Soybean, which was first introduced to Turkey in the 1930s, was grown only in the Black Sea region for many years. However, with the second product project put into practice in the following years, it started to be grown in the irrigated areas of the Aegean and Mediterranean regions. Today, soybean cultivation in Turkey is mainly carried out in the Çukurova region.


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