Best Products to Import from Turkey to China

Turkey and China are two countries that are constantly developing their trade relations. With each passing year, Turkey exports more products to China and establishes a long-lasting bond. Especially after China’s decision to include Turkey in the Belt and Road Initiative, the relations between the two countries are expected to improve even further. This will also positively impact the trade between them and make the process even easier.

Since both countries are determined to improve their trade, importing products from Turkey to China can be quite profitable. In this article, we are exploring the products you can import from Turkey to China that have the most potential in the current situation. We have gathered some of the products that were listed in the “Export Potential Map” of ITC to give you an overview of the products with the most potential. Let’s take a look at all the products you can consider importing from Turkey. 


The food sector is one of the sectors that come forth when it comes to Turkey’s exports to China. In fact, in the January-October period of 2021, the food exports of Turkey to China increased by 86%. Turkey received 302 million dollars of income from its food exports during that period. This is a significant increase compared to the year before. 

Turkey is planning to increase its food exports by over 1 billion dollars. Therefore, it is safe to say that Turkey seems to be a great market for Chinese importers going into the future as the relations will be improving even further.  

Dairy Products

Based on the export figures for 2021, dairy products were the most imported food products from Turkey to China. In fact, Turkey generated 51 million dollars from its dairy products exports. Turkey produces a wide range of dairy products some of which cannot be found in other countries. 

Due to providing a wide selection of high-quality dairy products, Turkey is often preferred. Moreover, Turkey is the ninth country when it comes to cow’s milk production in the world. The dairy products Turkey exports the most do not only include milk, cheese and butter but also products such as milk powder, whey powder and mild cream cheese. 

Canned Food

Another food product that came to the fore within the exports of the same period was canned food. Canned food is highly preferred in the modern and busy world due to making preparing meals quite easy. Turkey exported canned food worth 50 million dollars within the same period of 2021. Turkey exports canned fruits and vegetables along with canned meat products such as canned chicken, canned chicken salami and canned chicken sausage.

Vegetable Oil

The vegetable oil sector was another top sector that exported the most to China. Turkey gained 32 million dollars from its vegetable oil exports in a 10-month period in 2021. Vegetable oil production is quite developed in Turkey. Especially sunflower oil and olive oil production have an important part in vegetable oil production in the country. 

Motor Vehicles and Parts

Motor vehicles were undoubtedly one of the top export products of Turkey in 2021. The country earned 2 billion 595 million dollars from motor vehicle exports in the same year. Turkey is a very popular country in terms of motor vehicles and exports to the countries such as Germany, the United States and England the most. Aside from motor vehicles, Turkey exports motors which is another product in this category that is high in demand.

Electronic Parts

The electric-electronic sector is a forerunner among the exports of Turkey. In 2021, Turkey’s electric-electronic exports increased by 28.3%. From this export, Turkey generated 14 billion dollars of income. While the country exported these products to many different countries such as Italy, Russia and the United States, China stands out as a country with great potential. According to ITC’s “Export Potential Map”, electronic products are among the products that have the most potential in being exported to China from Turkey.

Sanitary Products

Sanitary products have been at the center of attention in the last couple of years, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic. During this time, Turkey has proven its success in the healthcare sector. The country not only provided its citizens with more than enough sanitary products such as medical masks and disinfectants but also exported them to other countries that were suffering from a shortage of sanitary supplies. 

Medical Mask

According to TUIK, Turkey’s exports of medical masks rose 123 times in 2020, during the epidemic. The country generated 216.8 million dollars from medical mask exports. Even though the exports are not as high, Turkey is certainly one of the first countries that come to mind when it comes to exporting medical masks.


Similar to the medical mask, disinfectant exports increased significantly after the emergence of the Covid-19 epidemic. Showcasing a 126% increase in exports in 2020, Turkey generated 521.5 million dollars from the export of disinfectants. It seems that disinfectants will stay in demand for a while even though they are not as popular as they were during the pandemic.

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