Lamb Meat

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Exports of sheep and lamb meat were US$7.08 billion in 2020, an increase of 29.9% for all sheep and lamb meat shippers over the five-year period beginning in 2018. Turkey exported $2 million worth of sheep and goat meat in 2020, making it the world’s 41st largest exporter. Sheep and goat meat was the 907th most exported commodity in Turkey in the same year. United Arab Emirates ($174k), Marshall Islands ($155k), Panama ($133k), Malta ($123k), and Liberia ($118k) are the top destinations for Turkish sheep and goat meat exports.

Lamb Meat

The meat of domestic sheep, Ovis aries, is known as lamb, hogget, and mutton, or simply sheep meat. A sheep in its first year is a lamb and its meat is also lamb. Hogget is the second-year meat of a sheep. Mutton comes from older sheep. Most Western countries prefer lamb’s mild flavor, whilst many Middle and Far Eastern countries prefer mutton’s richer flavor.

Lamb is the most expensive portion of meat, and sheep meat has increasingly been sold merely as “lamb” in recent decades, blurring the previously established distinctions. Forequarter, loin, and hindquarter are the most common cuts of lamb. The neck, shoulder, front legs, and ribs up to the shoulder blade are all considered to be part of the forequarter. The back legs and hip make up the hindquarters. The loin includes the ribs between the two. Lamb is also widely marinated and roasted on a skewer (shish kebab) or prepared with local vegetables in the cuisines of Greece, Turkey, and the Middle East. Kibbe, a ground lamb, and cracked wheat stew is a traditional Middle Eastern cuisine.

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Min. Purc. Amt.

10 Ton

Product Type

Lamb Meat

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All Countries

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